Farewell to SSDC Co-Founder Roy Andresen

Roy and his wife Vicky

Last month, SSDC co-founder and Core Leader Roy Andresen made a change in his role with the South Sound

Dream Center, stepping down from an active leadership role to focus on some other things in his life. As Roy makes this transition, we want to honor this man of God for all he’s done over the years and thank God for

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the gift of his life.

“It was Roy who was the catalyst to me finally stepping out and starting SSDC,” Director Rick Cameron said. “We got together for lunch and he stated that if I wanted to start SSDC that he would get behind me. Roy is a great man of God and I am going to miss having him around. I know we will all be grateful for all you gave!”

Roy has been an integral part of the SSDC’s efforts in Federal Way over the years, leading efforts at the Federal Way Drop-in Center, homeless outreach, and other ministries to the Federal Way community. He’s devoted countless hours to ministering Christ’s love to our community, and he will be missed. Roy plans to continue volunteering with SSDC when he can, as well as continuing his involvement with Pray Federal Way and the Reach Out Homeless Men’s Shelter.

Roy and fellow volunteer leader Jason Weichert

When we asked Roy about his favorite memories with the South Sound Dream Center, he told us, “I don’t just have one favorite memory, but here are a few of the things that put a smile on my face…

1. I love to see it when people realize how easy it is to be awitness for Christ. I truly believe it is just being your self, just the way God made you. Sometimes we make being a Christian way too hard; we just need to surrender to Jesus and let Him shine through us.

2. I have made so many new friends from those who come to volunteer as well as those who we go out to see each week.

3. I am thankful for the people who have found new homes, been set free from their addictions, and are now serving the Lord.”

Roy, we love you and are so grateful for everything you’ve done for SSDC and the community. Thank you!

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