Hannah Kercher- South Sound Dream Center Counseling hereafter referred to as SSDCC, is committed to providing professional mental health counseling to all individuals in compliance with recognized Federal and Washington State regulations and guidelines. SSDCC does not discriminate based on the established Federal classifications or ability to pay. Our goal is to provide quality counseling to anyone who is willing and wanting to do the work to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

The mission of this practice is “to provide genuine, caring, client-centered, Christian mental health counseling to individuals and families at an affordable cost, no matter what their station in life is.”  The staff uses a variety of techniques, methods, and theories as appropriate for the individual(s) involved. Christian principles are used to help clients use their individual spiritual resources. Your personal beliefs are highly valued and respected.


Hannah Kercher, MACP, LMHC Northwest University, Kirkland. Hannah also holds a BA in psychology with a minor in Bible and graduated from a 30 week Church Counseling Training program from Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. Hannah specializes in relationships, teen issues, anxiety, and depression. Hannah is the mother of two children: one daughter and one son.


Information shared will be held in the strictest confidence, and will not be released without your written consent, except for professional consultation and supervision, if needed and unless required by law. In select cases, counseling records may be subpoenaed. This practice is required by law to disclose information pertaining to suspect child and/or elder abuse. Threats to endanger oneself or others will be taken seriously and may result in a recommendation for confinement and/or treatment.


Counseling is designed to assist you in expressing your thoughts and feelings in order for you to resolve or adjust to mental, emotional, or behavioral challenges, and to make changes that you feel are needed to help you grow and live a productive life. The counselors respect your right and responsibility to make your own choices. SSDCC cannot be responsible or liable for a client’s choices that may harm others in any way. Treatment goals and plans are collaborative and developed to keep all treatment focused. SSDCC cannot guarantee a “cure.” You have the right to discuss your treatment and/or discontinue your counseling at any time with your doctor or therapist. The length of counseling and number of sessions is dependent upon the issues to be resolved and the effort you are able to put into the therapeutic process. It is the desire of the counselor to be professionally responsive to your treatment needs. Please feel free to talk to your counselor at any time if your therapy is going in a direction that you do not understand or is uncomfortable. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding any aspect of the assessment and counseling process.